2018 summary is online: Nimble Advertizer, SLDP updates, Playback authorization framework, mobile products improvements, new articles and more.

Get ready for Flash farewell in 2020 and further decline of RTMP. We've created SLDP as an alternative for low latency live streaming. Read this article to learn more about steps to transition from RTMP to SLDP.

WMSPanel: admin web UI for media servers

Measure and control your media streaming infrastructure

Wowza4 logo

Wowza Streaming Engine

WMSPanel provides full cycle of Wowza management:

  • Reporting framework
  • Applications and streams control
  • Building paywalls with pay-per-view, geo-lock and hotlink protection
  • Servers and streams monitoring

Nimble logo

Nimble Streamer

WMSPanel helps building Nimble-based streaming networks

  • Live and VOD streaming control
  • Reporting framework
  • Building paywalls with pay-per-view and other restrictions
  • Servers and streams monitoring


You may add any number of servers of any supported type - WMSPanel will aggregate and show statistics with the same set of excellent reports.
So WMSPanel will serve as a single source of statistics for your streaming environment.

Available as Software-as-a-Service

WMSPanel is a web service available in any browser


Usage snapshots show examples of combined usage of Softvelum products including WMSPanel.

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  • Overview
  • Daily stat
  • Data slices
  • Dispersa
Manage 250w Realtime 250w Total stats 250w
Geo 250w Retro 250w

Also check mobile solutions of our company

Mobile library logos both
Make apps for RTSP/RTMP/SRT streaming and RTMP/SLDP/Icecast playback
for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile devices

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