News for Q3: HLS output for Nimble Advertizer Server-Side Ads Insertion framework, Live Demo for Advertizer, mobile SDKs updates and more. Get some details.

Read our latest Tools for tailor-made streaming white paper describing our products and work approach.

Also, check some snapshots of Softvelum products usage.

Create streaming infrastructure with our products

Rtmp republishing

Our products allow implementing various streaming scenarios. The techniques and features mentioned below can be used for your use cases.

Live streaming

Nimble Streamer has excellent feature set for live streaming. That includes support of transmuxing between all live streaming protocols as well as excellent transcoding feature set.
Read this section for more details.


Nimble Streamer supports of transmuxing files into HLS and MPEG-DASH streams as well as progressive download and HTTP re-streaming.
Read this section for more details.

Usage snapshots

Usage snapshots show examples of combined usage of Softvelum products for building streaming infrastructure.

High performance solution

Nimble Streamer is the most efficient software media server on the market. It's very fast and has low resources consumption. Check the following features to see how it can be used.

Load balancing based on Nimble Streamer API can be used to build scalable streaming. That includes 2 balancing options - based on a load of each server and based on geo-location of each visitor.

Take a look at example of building delivery network based on RTMP re-publishing from origin to edge. There you can use balancer to switch users between edges.


Nimble Streamer has a set of deployment options. It's easily installed on hardware and VPS, and its management is done via web UI.

  • Easy installation makes it available on most popular Linux distributions as well as on Windows and MacOS OS.
  • Having x64, ARM and POWER8 support, Nimble can be embedded to any supported hardware still having high performance.
  • Automated deployment options make it easy to scale your infrastructure.
  • Nimble Streamer can be easily upgraded to the latest version by running two or three simple commands in console which is crucial for 24/7 delivery.
  • Server is controlled via WMSPanel web UI available via any browser.
  • You can apply control operations to multiple servers. So applying a new scenario will take a few clicks.
  • You can also grant permission to non-admin users to control particular Nimble Streamer instances.

Nimble Steamer is also available as an image in Microsoft Azure Cloud so you can deploy a new instance in a minute.

Integrating with API

For convenience of our products' integration a set of APIs is available.

Streaming from mobile devices

Larix mobile broadcasting library allows streaming live from any iOS or Android device. It's delivered via SRT, RTSP and RTMP protocols which provide low-latency and high efficiency.
You can try the library in action using free Larix Broadcaster application.
Check it as part of streaming scenarios with broadcasting to YouTube as a destination.

Publish control

Taking incoming streams from multiple sources like mobile apps brings the risk of un-authorized streams publication.
This is why WMSPanel and Nimble Streamer provide publish control framework to cover that.
It allows controlling all incoming streams via RTMP and RTSP protocols to make decisions about authorizing the stream. It works both at connection time and during the streaming so the un-authorized sources can be blocked any moment.

Server tasks management

Nimble Streamer and WMSPanel allows controlling server-side streaming tasks for multiple servers and multiple commands with no need to log in via SSH.
This can include any stream processing as well as streaming environment setup.

Dispersa steams monitoring

Nimble Streamer is the foundation for building distributed network of checkpoints for Dispersa, the streams availability checker.


Last but not least.
WMSPanel provides an excellent reporting framework which covers every aspect of streaming process and gives detailed metrics of your audience. It also allows setting up white label of your stats to represent them to your customers.
Visit Reporting section of our website to learn more.

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Easy installation and upgrade

Nimble Streamer can be installed in a couple of small steps and upgraded to the latest version by running two or three simple commands in console.

Let us know if you need any help and search through our documentation to find more information.

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